Joint Laboratory of Optics Palacký University Institute of Physics

About our lab

Our laboratory (in fact we have two physical laboratories) is part of the Joint Laboratory of Optics, a joint venture by Palacký University and Institute of Physics of Czech Academy of Sciences.

 Research topics

  • ▸ general quantum optics
  • ▸ quantum entanglement
  • ▸ quantum machine learning
  • ▸ quantum gates
  • ▸ quantum communications
  • ▸ quantum cloning
  • ▸ nanooptics

 Key infrastructure

  • ▸ fs, ps, ns and cw laser systems
  • ▸ two, three and four-photon sources
  • ▸ time-resolved light detection
  • ▸ He cryostat
  • ▸ custom data-processing software

 Students & education

  • ▸ PhD and MSc level students
  • ▸ lab training classes
  • ▸ students motivation visits
  • ▸ supervising high school students
  • ▸ summer schools
Recent papers:

J. Roik, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Černoch, K. Lemr:

Entanglement quantification from collective measurements processed by machine learning

J. Roik, A. Černoch, K. Lemr, J. Soubusta:

Calibration of commercially-available RGB colorimeters using a spectrometer

H.-Y. Ku, J. Kadlec, A. Černoch, M. T. Quintino, et al.:

Quantifying Quantumness of Channels Without Entanglement

D. Růžičková, J. Švihel, A. Černoch, K. Lemr:

Open source workflow for multispectral imaging based on artificial neural networks

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