Joint Laboratory of Optics RCPTM Palacký University Institute of Physics


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map Joint Laboratory of Optics
17. listopadu 50A
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic

For email addresses, see the research team page.
Recent papers:

K. Jiráková, A. Černoch, K. Lemr, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Miranowicz:

Experimental hierarchy and optimal robustness of quantum correlations of two-qubit states with controllable white noise

K. Jiráková, A. Barasiński, A. Černoch, K. Lemr, J. Soubusta:

Measuring concurance in qubit Werner states without an aligned reference frame

J. Peřina Jr., A. Černoch, J. Soubusta:

Compound twin beams without the need of genuine photon-number-resolving detection

J. Švihel, A. Černoch, K. Lemr, J. Michalčáková:

Using a commertially available LIDAR scanner for IR reflectography in cultural heritage research

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